The sensational FIFA World Cup Final between France and Croatia saw a lot of action. Apparently, all the actions were not from either of the team’s players but from the pitch invaders who stormed the ground during the initial minutes of the second half.

A group of people dressed up in police uniforms were identified as members of punk band “Pussy Riot”. The band is also infamous for being a protest group.

The incident saw four members of the Russian protest group – Pussy Riot, invade the game during the second half of the World Cup final in an effort to “stop illegal arrests” at rallies and “let all political prisoners free” in Russia.

The protesters caused nearly a minute’s interruption by running into the field wearing old-fashioned Russian police uniforms. One female protester managed to high-five France’s forward Kylian Mbappe in the process while a male member was seen being tackled by Croatia’s Dejan Lovren. The Liverpool defender let out his frustration post-match regarding the events that took place.

“I really was mad because we’d been playing at that moment in good shape. We’d been playing good football and then some interruption came. I just lost my head and I grabbed the guy and I wished I could throw him away from the stadium.”” said the stopper.

However, all four of them, three women and one man, were brought down and dragged off the pitch by match stewards.

Pussy Riot soon claimed responsibility via twitter, naming the protest “Policeman enters the Game.”

“Just a few minutes ago four Pussy Riot members performed in the FIFA World Cup final match — ‘Policeman enters the Game,’” they wrote.

Pussy Riot provided a “list of demands” following the protest. Take a look at the group’s Facebook post regarding the events that took place.

NEWS FLASH! Just a few minutes ago four Pussy Riot members performed in the FIFA World Cup final match — ”Policeman…

Posted by PussyRiot on Sunday, July 15, 2018

It wasn’t the first time the punk group caught everybody’s attention with their extreme acts. Two of their members have served 2 years of imprisonment previously for performing inside a Church in Moscow as an act to condemn Orthodox Church leaders’ support for Putin during his election campaign, they claimed.

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