We know we’re late in bringing you the news that there can be cons to this new diet trend! Yes, yes, we understand that you are following everything they asked you to when they told you Keto is the best for you and you are getting to see the results as well. But for how long? That’s what happens every time there’s a fad diet doing the rounds. By the time the fad fades away, you’re back to the place you started from. Let’s get down to the dirty details of what you stand to gain and lose by getting on this new diet bandwagon!

1. Pro – Decreases insulin resistance

If you are diabetic or are at the verge for falling in this category due to family history or lifestyle/food preferences, this is the good news for you. The more your body accepts insulin, the safer you are  from reaching the peak of your diabetes levels or becoming a diabetic at all.

Con – Reduces insulin levels

The human body readily produces insulin that works almost as an anti-body for factors that cause diabetes. If the insulin levels drop drastically then, more often than not, it is harmful for the body.

2. Pro – Increases Thermogenesis

This diet increases the number of calories you burn daily by aiding to increase the process itself, helping you reach your weight loss goals faster.

Con – Needs to be complemented by exercise

Your body is made such that it naturally does a lot of things like an automated machine. However, there are a few things that aren’t possible without a bit of assistance, like calorie burning. While this diet might increase the process of calorie burning, it will need to be backed by daily exercise to smoothen the process. Not that easy now, is it?

3. Pro – Increases Fat burning

What could be better than burning fat and getting leaner faster, when your need for getting in shape has reached its breaking point?

Con – Reduces fat storage

While it is important to burn unnecessarily stored fat that is not required by the body for its daily functions, it is also important to have the required amount of fat for smooth functioning of the body – like aiding in digestion and working as a lubricant for bones and muscles. Hence, it is important to keep in check whether you’re losing the bad fat or throwing away the good fat as well.

4. Pro – Spares muscle

The more muscle you have, the better and shapely your body looks (well, that’s what anatomy class suggested). This diet spares muscle for better body composition so you can lose weight and look hot at the same time.

Con – Loose skin needs tightening

The diet promises to work out to spare your muscles, however, you will need to work out to tighten the skin that might have loosened up due to excessive fat that your body stored when you were, well, not that healthy. We’re sure you don’t want that excess skin to hang loose and so, a workout is a must-do to add to the hotness quotient that comes with the spared muscles.

5. Pro – Reduces appetite

You will not crave carbs and other no-nos once your body gets used to the diet, which takes about 2 weeks, approximately (varies from person to person). Which means, your favourite foods cannot lure you into cheating on your new-found love for transforming your body.

Con – Reduces appetite

Yes, it is a con too! Not trying to scare you here, but, what if, for some reason, the diet doesn’t suit you and you have to give it up and get back to your usual eating routine? It is going to be tough for your body to switch from a fat-heavy to a carb-heavy diet and that might put you off track when it comes to overall health and well-being.

All-in-all, we suggest you check with your dietician and / or nutritionist before getting on to this fad that’s going to last a for sometime before being replaced by yet another magical diet. Until then, let the food offerings continue!

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