Another Monday and it’s time for some Monday motivation you need for your fitness journey. As we always try to encourage you with our Monday fitness motivation article we are back with yet another hot Instagram fitness model. This time it’s the Ukrainian internet star, Julia Gilas. Last week we went through the fitness profile of Chessie King and saw why she is the ultimate fitness inspiration.

Julia Gilas is a health and fitness model and an Instagram sensation with a great body. She was born in 1985 in Ukraine and moved to the USA in the year 2009 at the age of 24 to pursue a career as a fitness model. She now is a US citizen and lives in San Diego, California.

When Julia was young she always dreamed of moving away from the country she was born in, due to the lack of common resources. There were times where the cold would be unbearable which made it difficult for her to use the common services such as the internet, says Julia. This lack of services gave her the motivation to follow her dreams towards success.

Things weren’t easy for Julia as she traveled the world and was struggling with her health. She was unable to make healthy food choices and workout to keep herself going. But Julia did not give up on her dreams and took things into her own hands to start her fitness journey.

Julia said, “As I got older, I began to realize that modeling was grueling, and my health was beginning to suffer because of it. Many of the models around me looked great on the outside, but they were unhealthy because of the lifestyle. I’d see them eating junk food and drinking multiple energy drinks throughout the day to keep going, and this would go on day after day. I started researching and reading up on how to become truly healthy”.

As a professional fitness model and trainer now, it is a part of Julia’s job to maintain her perfectly fit body. You can clearly see this on her Instagram account where she posts her workout and modeling pictures. When not posing for pictures she is in the gym working hard.

Julia trains 5 days a week and makes sure she is putting in the right workout sessions to achieve the right fitness. She prefers volume over strength training.

Here’s Julia’s training plan:

Monday – Full body & Cardio
Tuesday – HIIT & Cardio
Wednesday – Legs & Cardio
Thursday – Abs & Cardio
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Glutes & Cardio
Sunday – Rest

Julia is now living her dreams, but it is not just her workout in the gym and sexy pictures on the Instagram but her well-balanced diet outside the gym which helps her to keep up with the fitness levels.

Julia follows a very strict diet to reach specific macros daily to keep her figure lean and toned.

Julia’s diet plan:

Calories – 1431 kcal
Protein – 215g
Carbs – 83g
Fat – 24g


Whey Protein
Green Tea Extract

Julia says, “Now my days are busy with healthy living, and my typical day starts at around 6 a.m. When I’m not at photo shoots, taking pictures, working out, or doing any of the other typical daily things that come up in life, I like to enjoy quiet time to myself. I have a pet squirrel, a dog, and a cat who keep me company. When I have downtime, I like to watch good movies”.

Coming from a country where she struggled to use the common services like the internet and freezing cold winters she is now one of the biggest fitness starts on the internet. Julia teaches us that with hard work and determination you can change your life. Julia knew that hard work was the only answer if she wants to live her dreams. Julia today is one of the most successful internet fitness celebrity with more than 5,044,391 Instagram followers. She also runs a website name Julia Gilas where she provides the fitness training.

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