Ever since Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of India, he has been campaigning aggressively for an India of his kind, Hindutvawadi and Clean. Hindutva aside, he has started a movement called “Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan”. Almost all his ministers have pushed for it and a straight line of celebrities has been roped in to further the movement. Now that celebrities are involved, how can the “patriot with a Canadian citizenship” be away from Swatchh Bharat Abhiyaan. You heard it right, the hero of the “nationalist” folks who has proved his “patriotism” through movies such as Baby, Holiday, etc is not even an Indian citizen. Before the “anti-nationals” start clapping, a lot of your heroes too aren’t Indian citizens, including former RBI governor Raghuram Rajan, The Hindu’s former Chief Editor Siddharth Varadrajan and many more. I brought up the citizenship issue of Akshay only to help you get false orgasms  😀

Akshay Kumar - Toilet Ek Prem Katha
Source: The Indian Express

Nevertheless, the point isn’t the citizenship of anyone, the point is Akshay Kumar’s new movie will be out soon and it is called Toilet: Ek Prem Katha. It is about a village where toilets are not available in the houses and people have to go to the farms to relieve themselves in the morning or whenever. Even women have to go out in public. A lot of points have been made about “women having to go out in public for daily chores” but since there are no differences between the genders and we should treat everyone equally, I think women should get the same treatment everyone else is getting. Awww, that must have you fuming, aye? But seriously, wouldn’t it be sexist to give special treatment to women in the non-toxic non-patriarchal point of view?

Anyway, I feel toilets are a must have in every home so that nobody has to go out at odd hours. So, the movie plot has two protagonists agreeing to get married and afterwards the wife goes back to her parents’s house as a protest against lack of toilet in her husband’s house. To bring her back, her husband goes hammer and tongs against everyone in the village as well as the administrators to ensure that a toilet is built not just in his own house but everyone else’s too. I ask, was the woman not aware of a toilet not being there in her loverboy’s house? Or was she waiting for an opportune moment to do this to get enough footage? Or plainly the movie plot would have busted if not for this. Afterall, struggling to get an upset wife back home is always a greater fight than struggling to get married to a girl friend.

This movie could do well at the box office but it has its own share of troubles. It was heard that the movie has already been leaked online, well before the release which made Akshay appeal to people to fight against piracy. Then an award winning documentary maker Praveen Vyas alleged that the movie plot has been taken from his own documentary Manini which has the same story line. However the producers claim that they have had the scripts since 2013 and the documentary only came out in 2016. I guess two people can always think the same thing, you know, like really.

Toilet - Manini
Source: Indiatimes

All that is good but this movie too is of the same genre as other Bollywood movies are. That is because this one too has the same old typical Bollywood style romance where a man stalks a woman to impress her and ends up getting hitched with her. Bollywood clearly gives ideas to a lot of ruffians and loafers and surely responsible for many a molestation cases. I believe such things should end for good and truly hope that the government steps up to figure out a way to put an end to it. Nobody gets impressed by a stalking road side romeo. UP government has heard the yelps of harassed women, will Bollywood hear it too? Hope so.