JK Rowling created one of the most well-loved and beautifully written fantasy novel series of all time – the Harry Potter series.

She created a world that people of all ages fantasized about living in and introduced an entire generation of young people to the joy of reading, no small feat. Naturally, countless young aspiring writers world over look to her for inspiration. One such aspiring writer is 12 year old Kulsum Banoo Batt in Jammu, who wrote in an essay that she not only looks up to her for her writing, but also for the fact that she overcame numerous difficulties and never gave up on her dream.

Kulsum studies at Haji Public School in Breswana, and is the first in her family to study English.

Her English teacher shared her essay on Twitter and tagged Rowling.

… and Rowling responded!

She asked for contact details, saying she would like to send something.

2 months later, a package arrived containing gifts, Rowling’s books, and handwritten notes from the author for Kulsum and friends.

In the photos, Kulsum can be seen opening up the gifts alongside her fellow classmates. There’s a Hedwig statue from the Harry Potter Magical Creatures series, a copy of Rowling’s Very Good Lives: The Fringe Benefits of Failure and the Importance of Imagination, and the Harry Potter Illustrated Collection, among other gifts.

A tweet from her teacher reports a smiling and gushing Kulsum and her friends opening their gifts and reading handwritten notes from Rowling, one saying “I have sent some things. I hope you like them. I am also impressed by your English. It would be an honor to meet you one day. With Love.”

“Hello, world. So J.K. Rowling sent a huge gift box for Kulsum and friends. Handwritten note, inscribed book, and this is almost too much to handle. We are so thrilled and squeaky, I cannot even,” Batt’s teacher said. “Thank you so much, Ms. Rowling.”

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