Jet Airways Flight 9W 697 bound to Jaipur from Mumbai had to be turned around an hour after the take-off following its passengers’ discomfort.

It is revealed that the flight crew forgot to turn on the cabin pressurisation system, which maintains the pressure inside an aircraft to comfortable levels as it gains altitude. The Mumbai-Jaipur flight landed safely in Mumbai and the 166 passengers plus 5 crew members aboard were deplaned safely.

The lapse from the crew’s end caused 30 passengers to bleed from their noses and ears. While many also suffered from ear pain and headache. First aid was provided to the victims soon after the plane landed.

“Out of 166 passengers on board, 30 passengers are affected… some have nose bleeding, few have ear bleeding and some are complaining of a headache,” an airline official said.

Darshak Hathi, a passenger on board narrated the incident like this: “The flight landed at Mumbai airport after an hour and we were told that we will be shifted to a different flight. This is an unfortunate incident. After we took off the AC malfunctioned, then air pressure system malfunctioned too and oxygen masks came out. Some of us experienced nose bleeding and headache.”

Take a look at another passenger, Satish Nair’s tweets:

Jet Airways have issued a statement regarding the incident.

“The flight’s cockpit crew has been taken off scheduled duties pending investigation. The airline is making alternative flight arrangements for guests on this flight. However, the B737 aircraft, with 166 guests and 5 crew landed normally in Mumbai. All guests were deplaned safely and taken to the terminal. First aid was administered to a few guests who complained of ear pain, bleeding nose etc.”

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