Yes, Roger Federer strikes again. And boy he is so good we can’t seem to get over it. Truly a legend in the right sense of the word.

Well he has again made us go gaga over his tennis skills and with every match, he proves there’s no one better than him.

Though he has a list of best shots over the years of his game play, we just witnessed one more addition to the list. It happened in the US Open victory over Nick Kyrgios with the best shot of the tournament.

So Kyrgios hit a drop shot thinking it is going to be impossible for Federer to attempt it since he was close to his baseline. But hold your horses we are talking about Federer here. Is there anything impossible for this guy? Well there are other legends in this sport but when it comes to world class tennis we can’t think of anyone else who could have pull this off. Yes he ran across the court and hit this impossible shot which made everyone gasp in shock. Check how he plays it!

Just after seeing it this is exactly how we reacted and so did Kyrgios!

Source: BBC

Yes, we are still in awe of this man and hope he continues to make us feel the same always. We love you Roger!

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