Isha Ambani Piramal is Vogue India’s latest cover star and she gets candid about her life after marriage, her parents and the tremendously amazing work she has been doing while creating a place for herself in India’s business map. The Ambani name adds on a lot of leverage for anyone, but this young lady has definitely created a path for herself and is very relevantly creating an Impact by being the businesswoman she is.

She is a fierce businesswoman and heiress, but her interview with Vogue India gave us a sneak peek into her personal life. Her playing the role of a doting daughter and now a loving wife, life hasn’t changed much for Isha. She is currently heading Reliance Retail and Reliance JIO Infocomm Limited while mastering the art of balance in her personal and professional life. But this is just not the only kind of balance Isha is trying to bring about, she vividly spoke about how she has a vision for her company and wants to create a workspace where there is a balance between the male and the female workforce.

Isha is a visionary and gives a lot of credit to education in developing the future brains of the country. She told Vogue how she would always volunteer to teach kids while she was graduating from Stanford. Her collaboration with DAIS is doing exactly what Isha believes in, providing education to kids and creating a better future for the country. After all, children are the future leaders and are going to take the legacy forward. Reliance arts foundation in collaboration with MET is another initiative started by Isha and will bring global art to India. She believes that art should be preserved at all costs.

She gives due credit to her parents to instill these thoughts in her siblings and herself while they were growing up. Her rapport with her dad, Mukesh Ambani is like any father-daughter duo. She talks about how while growing up her mother, Neeta Ambani was always the stricter one and her dad was like any loving father giving away to the qualms of his daughter. The Ambani kids are known for the strong sense of family and belonging they have in them and Isha thinks it is because how they were brought up around their maternal and paternal grandparents.

Isha feels blessed that she has been married into a family which understands the importance of working. She mentions how she sees so much of her father, Mukesh in her husband, Anand. One of the incidents from her weddings kind of proved that they are very similar in every way possible. She narrates how her father gave a speech about ten things why Anand is the perfect man and concluded his speech by saying that is probably how he feels he is himself. Her wedding was one of the grandest events the country has possibly ever seen and she deemed it as very special because she got to get married at her home and was surrounded by the love of her family when the event took place.

Even though Isha has lived abroad for her education, but she is still a desi at heart and loves dressing up in ethnic Indian wear and would always loathe wearing formals. Her favourite Indian designers range from Manish Malhotra to Sabyasachi. Well! a boss lady isn’t just about playing the role but also about looking it.

We can’t wait for the 2019 February edition of Vogue India to get to know about this modern-day heiress.

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