So today is World Environment Day!

It’s a day that gives us all a bit of a push  to check our habits and make sure we’re doing some good for the environment. Maybe you’ll choose not to buy yet another plastic bottle (or maybe the government will have to ban them for that to happen). Perhaps you’ll think about cycling rather than driving. There are lots of ways we can make a small difference – we just need to know where we’re going wrong first.

On that note, let’s talk about s*x.

The good news: The s*x itself is not bad for the environment at all. Go forth and have sex without fearing for the precious planet. The bad news: There are certain parts of your s*x life that may not be good for the planet. Thankfully, these are things you can consider and change to be a little more eco-friendly. Here’s what you need to be know:


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The majority of c*ndoms are made of latex, along with stabilisers, preservatives, and hardening agents – there’s no official facts on how long these will take to biodegrade.

Polyurethane *ondoms, however, definitely wont degrade, and aren’t recyclable either. So c*ndom waste isn’t great.

But c*ndoms themselves are the best way to prevent unwanted pregnancy and the spread of STDs. Don’t stop using them.

Unless you want this:


Justify the strain of condoms on the environment with of population control.

What you can do is look at the brand of condom you’re using and try to avoid any harmful chemicals or excessive packaging.


The environmental impact of lubricant comes down to the products you choose. A lot of mainstream lubricants contain chemicals based in petroleum, which are finite resources. Petroleum can also lead to oil spills, water waste, and the release of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, which is very bad.

Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that make Eco Friendly water-based lubricants.

S*x Toys

For the sake of the world, find out what your s*x toys are made from. Cheap vibrat*rs are often made with non biodegradable materials. Your best bet is to go for a higher end branded one.

Also, get a rechargeable one. Cells from the battery powered ones are bad for the environment.


Not to worry about s*men, it’s natural and eco-friendly. You might need to worry about what all this pollution is doing to the health of your s*men, though.

Happy World Environment Day! Go have some green and Eco-Friendly s*x.

Akhil was raised by movies, television, and the internet. A never-ending source of absolutely useless information. He would tell you more, but he was distracted by something shiny