South Africa’s top court recently decriminaised the use and cultivation of marijuana in private by adults. This means that people can possess and grow marijuana in their personal space and can use it without it being a criminal offense. Applauds South Africa! You are actually helping your citizens out it various manners! Marijuana or Cannabis is actually known for its medicinal properties expect for helping you in getting and flying HIGH! The world has forever been in debate about the use of cannabis and its properties, don’t you think its time that even India joins the club and legalises the use of cannabis in a certain quantity?

Uday Chopra recently tweeted about how the Indian Government should legalise the use of Marijuana as it has various medicinal properties and can help cure a lot of mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. He also mentioned that decriminalising the same would allow the government to earn revenues by charging a certain percentage of tax.

The people were actually blown away by the amount of sense Uday’s Tweet made! But someone out there on the Internet was not going to have it! Mumbai Police decided to school Uday on the fact how he should use his celebrity status and fundamental rights for not promoting narcotics and drugs and also made him aware of the fact that the possession of marijuana could get him into a lot of trouble. Let’s take a look at their reply and how they decided to troll him thereafter.

And then they posted this!

Uday’s tweet saw support as well and backlash. But he isn’t the only famous person who would like the Government to legalise cannabis in India. Our very own poster boy of Indian Politics, Mr. Shashi Tharoor earlier had voiced his opinion on Cannabis consumption and growth on Indian soil. He along with his nephew had made a fair point that the “land of bhang” should legalise this herb in order to give the economy of the country a boost as well as the good effects of it when the herb is consumed in regularised quantities.

Baba Ramdev’s ayurvedic brand, Patanjali along with the support of a few politicians debated how Cannabis can be used for medicinal purpose and benefit the people of the country in various manners. So are we looking at Patanjali monetizing the f*ck out of this herb in India? We don’t mind it! As long as the herb is being legalised for the goodness it’ll cause to the people of this “fair” nation.

I am currently writing this one while smoking a J and researching about the goodness this thing can cause.

P.S: I’m joking! There is no J and I have never touched Marijuana ( Just in case my mum or all the relatives I know are reading this)

Users of Cannabis have kinda come out of the woods and shared their experiences with the herb and there have kinda been only good reviews. It does allow you to calm your nerves down after a long, hectic day. It does help you fight anxiety because of the THC present in it and it does make you really happy. Let’s not forget the only side effect is that it’ll make you fat because you can’t keep the munchies at bay. Can we really ignore the fact that we do promote it for a religious purpose by saying how it’s Lord Shiva’s Prasad and is highly consumed during Holi in the form of Bhaang.

The hemp can also be used for industrial purpose! Bet you didn’t know that! It can be used for making textile! That’s what The Bombay Hemp Company is doing, the got a funding of $1 Million by Ratan Tata, which they use for research and cultivation of Hemp in order to make textile. Boheco is one of India’s first Hemp based textile brand and is helping families who grow these plants in the hills to run a livelihood. Guess! its a win-win situation for everyone!

Hemp energy can actually be the best source of renewable and sustainable energy! So is it time? Can we make this legal? Can we make India great again?

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Disclaimer: We at DopeWope are in no way promoting the consumption of Cannabis in any form. It’s just an opinion piece to make our readers get thinking about ongoing things.

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