It is that time of the year when we all look forward to the biggest technology giant has to showcase what new it’s been cooking for its worldwide user base. Apple, the company expected soon to be the first trillion-dollar company, is ready to launch tomorrow 12th of September 2017.

Apple iPhone Event Invite
Source: Apple INC.

Reasons people are looking forward to this event specially

  • It is being held at the new Apple Park Campus at the Steve Jobs theatre which will witness its grand opening and first ever launch open to public (with Invites)
  • Its iPhone’s anniversary and Apple is famous to keep the best things for last. And this year the showstopper is none other than a new iPhone (apart from the iterations to the last year iPhone 7 & 7 plus models) with many rumor names and most likely being the iPhone X (since it’s an anniversary edition)
  • Post Apple’s event, will follow an official release of the next major update for iOS 11. Apple had introduced iOS 11 publicly at their Worldwide Developer Conference on June 5 this year. It has lot of major changes and since then Apple is releasing many developer beta updates to the registered developers (I am one of them and it’s a treat to test it out and use it <3)

iOS 11 – Everything you need to know

I have been testing Apple’s developer betas since their developer conference in June and till now there have been 10 developer iOS betas out for the developers along with relevant public betas for the public beta testers. Honestly, till now it has been a treat to get my hands-on on this new iteration of iOS. I am sharing a few visual design changes followed by a list of complete changes.

Redesigned and Customizable Control Center

This is the biggest change to iOS 11. A completely redesigned Control Center with the ability to add / remove widgets. You get a lot of toggle switches to on / off them at the same instance. The most requested feature in the past has seen an official entry here “Toggle switch to turn on / off mobile data”. It has complete support for 3D Touch and with the functionality to long press on devices which lack the 3D Touch feature. Something new which was not expected and anticipated was “Screen Recording”. This gives the iPhones (compatible with iOS 11) ability to capture native screen recordings. Very good for developers for app testing and gamers who wish to broadcast their game-plays.

iOS 11 Control Centre


The way screenshots work has completely been thought through and it is WOW  the moment you take screenshot you have the ability to edit it prior to sharing. Earlier this was possible by going to Photos then selecting the relevant screenshot and tapping the Edit button. Immediately after taking a screenshot and prior to sharing, you get to edit and customize it as per your choice with a range of brushes to choose from to mark / write upon it.

iOS 11 Screenshots Feature

Completely Redesigned App Store

App Store houses more than 2.2 million applications.

iOS 11 App Store Stats

Apple has finally given the app store a complete overhaul with the much-needed sectional divide between apps & games. The entire experience when browsing through this new app store makes the flow and experience completely rich.

iOS 11 New app store

New and Detailed Out Storage Section

The way apple displays storage details in iPhone has always been confusing and to know more details one would always have to dig into more sections. With the revamp now one can see detailed information about how much storage consumption and application is doing with new features to “Offload” & “Delete” App. The offload application smartly detects apps on your iPhone which haven’t been used for a long time by deleting the app from the iPhone but keeping the app data intact and available for future installs.

iOS 11 Storage

One Handed Keyboard

This feature is mainly to address those plus size handsets which get difficult to type via the on-screen keyboard via single hand. It simply squishes the keyboard either to the left or right completely so that your thumb doesn’t need to stretch much. Now next we need is Swipe typing … just like SwiftKey  (I hope Apple’s listening)

One handed mode iOS 11
Source: gadgethacks

Share Wi-Fi passwords with nearby devices

No more hassles of typing those long-complicated passwords on your friends iPhone for them to connect to your home / office network. You can simply ask the prior connected device to share the password with you – provided both the devices are on iOS 11.

Share wifi password in iOS 11
Source: gadgethacks

Files App

With iOS 11 we get a dedicated File Manager, well a sort of, there is no iCloud Drive app in iOS 11, because it’s been expanded into a more comprehensive “Files” app that’s designed to mimic the Finder app on the Mac. Files houses all the content stored locally on the iPhone or iPad and content stored in other cloud services like Dropbox, Box, One Drive, Google Drive, and more. Files is well-organized and offers up quick access to all content that’s stored on an iOS device. Like Finder for Mac, it’s searchable, has a section for viewing all recently accessed files, and it supports tags, spring-loading, nested folders, and favorites. Adding a tag to a file for organizational purposes is as simple as dragging the file to the tag color of your choice. Developers can add Files integration into their apps, so individual apps will also be listed in the Files app, making it simpler than ever to transfer documents, photos, videos, and other content between apps.

FIles App in iOS 11
Source: macrumors

ARKit with iOS 11

With iOS 11 Apple is entering the game of Augmented / Virtual Reality and there is no denying that Apple is known to be to make it grand when it comes to few of their USP features and launches. A couple of years back we saw Apple implement a very fast fingerprint reading “TouchID” mechanism in the Home Button of iPhones and soon the other industry players followed suit. This year the exclusive talking point which will change the game completely will be the ARKit. See the video to view its powerful capabilities and to what lengths it can work.

iPad Exclusives

  • Revamped Dock
  • App Switcher
  • Multitasking & Split View
  • Drag & Drop
Drag & Drop
Source: iphonehacks
Multitasking & Spli View
Source: iphonehacks
App switcher
Source: iphonehacks

Other Features

  • Siri becomes more human and useful
  • New Lock screen, Notification & Control Center
  • Updates to Photos & Videos
  • Apple Maps have got smarter
  • Listening to FLAC files just got easier
  • QR codes have become cool again with integration in Camera app
  • Play animated GIF’s
  • Siri can translate English in different languages
  • Deeper Siri integration with Apple Music
  • Persistent dock in iPad.
  • More Apple Pencil functionalities.
  • Flick option to type numbers on iPad
  • Notes include searchable handwriting & document scanning.
  • Memories feature in Photos app has become smarter.
  • Portrait Mode & Live Photos have improved with new capabilities.
  • HomeKit now supports speakers.
  • Messages gains new person to person Apple Pay features.
  • Photos & Videos will take less space due to adoption of new HIEF & HVEC formats.
  • CoreML & ARKit introduced by Apple.
  • CoreML provides machine learning while ARKit gives rich augmented reality features.

iPhone X – Everything you need to know

Last year we saw Apple set the trend for dual cameras. This picked up fast with the extent that today budget android phones come equipped with Dual Camera setup. This year is dedicated to Bezel-less display. Devices like Essential Phone, Xiaomi Mi Mix etc. have their bezel-less display phone already out in the market and Apple is adopting the same for it anniversary phone launch. The iPhone X will see a complete shift to OLED panel technology and with this launch Apple wants to set this as a stage for next iPhone launches.

Here is a rumor round which shows how Apple is expected to bezel-less display.

We have seen a lot of leaks in the past which have proved true to predict how the iPhone would turn out to be and this year is also turning out to be the same as well. We are simply a day away from getting to know how and what will the new iPhone be called and will look like. But it will be disappointing if it turns out to be exactly like the leaks so far. I really miss those years where we used to guess which rumor to trust and the final launch day would turn out to be completely different and worth it. Apple needs to take up these leaks seriously and try to avoid them to keep the excitement intact till the launch day.

So ready for the launch? Will you buy one? Let me know in the comments below

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