Days after official announcement of iOS 12 from Apple, the first ever developer beta of iOS 12 was out in the wild. They introduced many features like Group Facetime (up to 30 people  😈 ), shortcuts, digital health,speed & performance improvements etc. But let us look at the features which we never expected at first place and seeing them in action makes me wonder  🙄 huh.. this was definitely missing 😛

Flick to Close

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With last years Apple iPhone X launch, they introduced long pressing to clear the recent app cards. With iOS 12, the process is tuned for user experience by simple flicking the cards upwards for closing them. Fine tuning is what we love of Apple  😀

Animoji’s are out and Memoji’s are in

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With Memoji, Apple has taken it to next level. Immense level of customization by creating a me – moji exactly like you. Kudos to Apple for such detailed feature selection and unique facial expressions like the tongue out detection and eyeball movements. Apart from Memoji’s, there are few additions of new animals which can be used as an animoji evening during face-time calls

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Grouped Notifications

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Stacked style notifications finally  😎 Trust me notification handling in iOS all these years wasn’t living up to the user’s expectations.. The notification centre majority of the times would be a complete scroll-able vertical list of notifications from different apps or updates from the same app. Notifications from iOS 12 on wards will be grouped (by app) and tapping on them will expand it and you will be able to take actions on them individually.

Screen-time – Restrictions and Detailed Usage

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Source: iPhonehacks

Digital Wellness is the new in thing since both Apple & Android have introduced in iOS 12 and Android P respectively. It will give a complete overview about how addicted are you to your smartphone – how often do you pick up, number of times you unlocked your phone etc. The “App Limits” section in screen-time will let you curb down on your smartphone (especially social apps) addiction to fullest. Example set yourself a limit of daily usage of Instagram or limit yourselves to restricted hours of PUBG gameplay  😈

Siri Shortcuts – Customize your commands for anything

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Finally Apple is opening up Siri for 3rd party developers.  With this siri opens up to new and lots of task capabilities. The more the developers enable this feature in their app, the more powerful and customization Siri can get. The possibilities are endless

AR based Measurement App

Source: iPhonehacks

This is like SUPERCOOOOOOOL… Now you can measure objects in real-time. Point to a particular corner of the object (whose size you need to find out), press the plus button and drag till the end point.. Voila … you see the actual dimensions of it.

With iOS 12 providing support from iPhone 5S to devices launched till date, I am loving it. This is the best part of owning a Apple device  😎 Apple will make sure you are provided support for a long long time as compared to their competition. Let me know in the comments section your favourite iOS 12 feature.

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