Apple rolled out one more new feature for iOS 11 i.e. you can now record the screen and it doesn’t let the person know if you are doing it *evil*. But then, Apple is loved and hated equally. We feel that this feature does have its own benefits like when you are trying some new app or you want to show your parents how this phone or feature works, you can always record the flow and share it.

Source: 9to5 Mac

But what makes it evil is using it to invade someone’s privacy and using the content without one’s permission. Twitterati’s have voiced out their nervousness on the same. While some people are happy, we have found quite a few who are stressed and sending out warnings about this update.

While some people were worried, there was one who was concerned about her nudes 😛

Few people were happy about the feature as well..

There does seem to be a mixed reaction on this update. If you wish to know more about how does this work, check the video below:

Let us know in comments below what do you think about the same!

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