As Mark Zuckerberg testified before Congress on Tuesday, those watching the proceedings took to the internet in droves to post jokes and memes about the Facebook CEO. We already covered the major takeaways from the hearing. Now here’s a look at the near endless supply of reactions and jokes the hearing provided by the denizens of the internet.

The irony that the people asking the questions about Facebook’s collection and application of user’s data didn’t understand how Facebook worked was not lost on anyone.

Zuckerberg explaining things to these senators is all of us trying to explain the internet to our parents.

Much of the humour came from Zuckerberg’s nervous demeanour.

But other than Zuckerberg being painfully awkward, some people found his expressions inhuman. The internet seemed unable to decide if he was a lizard man or a robot.

Not even the man’s haircut was safe from ridicule.

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