We had just recovered from the onslaught of Thor Ragnarok (Thor looking so awww and cute in short hair) and Marvel Entertainment has just released the trailer of Avenger: Infinity War and oh boy, we just can’t contain our excitement! All the heroes we have encountered in the last 10 years of Marvel movies have now assembled together to fight against Thanos who is here to destroy the Earth.

The trailer opens with the gathering of all Avengers with the plan set to save the Earth from the invasion. We then see Black Panther commanding his men to halt the invasion.

Starting with Iron Man, Doctor Stranger, Thor, Hulk, Black Panther, Spidey, Vision, Captain America, Black Widow and who not are all part of this gambit. A normal fan would need Wikipedia to catch up on what’s exactly happening here. While Infinity War is going to be Marvels biggest gambit, there is definitely a plan to move in the direction of much talked “Phase 4” where we would be seeing a different squad of heroes and villains!

Assuming that a lot of our favourite characters would be dying (assuming!) since the contract with the big stars is nearing a completion, only time will tell on whose death we would be shedding more tears! If we have known it right, we feel Vision, Captain America, Black Widow are going to be dead.

There are 6 Infinity Stones in all. Looking at the trailer we know that Thanos is already having 2. While Thanos is behind the Infinity Stones which will give him power to control the Universe, we will have to wait and see if the union of Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy turns out to be fruitful in stopping him or not?

Watch the trailer here!

We are getting impatient here! #CantWait for May! Can we pre-book our tickets already?

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