The news about Lion Airplane crash in Indonesia had left everybody puzzled. To complicate things further, Indonesia’s military chief ‘believes’ the crashed plane has been found.

Indonesia Military Chief 'Strongly Believes' Crashed Lion Air Plane Found

Two days ago, the Boeing 737 flight carrying 189 people from Jakarta had crashed into the sea off the island of Java shortly after take-off. The reason for the crash is still unknown but it is believed that there would be no survivors.

The rescue operation authorities have been searching some 30-40 metres deep in the waters with the hope of finding the plane’s remains and also the black boxes which would provide them with vital information about the crash.

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Hadi Tjahjanto

“We strongly believe we’ve determined the coordinates of the JT 610 fuselage,” said Hadi Tjahjanto, Indonesian military chief.

“However, it has not yet been confirmed that it is part of the fuselage.” He added, the search team had the location coordinates of the wreckage but was trying to confirm that it was indeed the fuselage.

So far, the divers have found oil slick, parts of wreckage and human remains. However, the search to find the black boxes are still on.

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