On 25th December 2018, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge, the Bogibeel Bridge. Its construction had begun back in 2002 and took 16 long years for the completion. The main reason behind it was the climatic conditions. The construction could take place only during the 4 dry months in a year (Nov-Mar).

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The Bogibeel bridge is a combined road and rail bridge built over the Brahmaputra river in the north-eastern Indian state of Assam between Dhemaji district and Dibrugarh district. It is the longest rail-cum-road bridge in India measuring over 4.94 kilometres. Being fully weld of steel-concrete support beams, the bridge is earthquake proof and can withstand earthquakes with a magnitude up to 7 Richter Scale.

Due to its proximity to the China border, the bridge can be of huge military and tactical advantage for the Army. The final cost of the Bogibeel Bridge is expected to be around ₹58 billion.

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“In four and half years, Bogibeel bridge is the third bridge that has been constructed over the Brahmaputra, while in 70 years of Independence, only three bridges have come up over the river. The process of five more bridges has been initiated. Bogibeel is a tribute to former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee,” Modi Ji said.

“We have changed the earlier ‘latkaane-bhatkaane’ work culture, the PM added while taking a dig at the Congress Party.

It is good to see India growing steadily. Hope our nation sees such infrastructures built for the welfare of the people.

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