Tanushree Dutta can be classified as the torchbearer of the Indian #MeToo Movement. After she opened up to the media about the harassment she faced at the hands of the actor, Nana Patekar a lot of women have come out and shared their own stories. Some were harassed on Social Media by a low life who called himself a comedian until one of them decided to name and shame him in the public eye. Another one spoke to the media about a fine director of a big production house sexually molesting her and no action being taken against him even after reporting the incident. Another comedian accused of harassing a woman and emotionally blackmailing her. This is not where it ends! A whole bunch of other women actually came out of the woods and shared their stories of being harassed by someone or the other in the Industry. A number of agencies were called out as well, where employees shared their stories about facing sexual molestation and assault.

The question is when will it end? Why are these predators still roaming around freely and getting the amount of job and recognition that they don’t deserve? Why are the victims not being heard when they should have been? There was no one to hear Tanushree’s story or support her when she needed it the most. She was harassed and was scared for her’s and her family’s safety. Phantom Productions didn’t respond to the employee who was sexually assaulted by Vikas Bahl until she quit her job after a two-year stint with the production house. The other founders finally dissolved the production house and castrated themselves from Vikas. But the point is they did this only after the whole incident resurfaced, even after harassing and molesting women a predator like him did several films and was recognised and praised for his work.

If Hollywood could get rid of a major producer like Harvey Weinstein and the whole industry can literally ban him from being a part of this reputed fraternity. These Indian directors, comedians, and corporate honchos don’t deserve to be entertained! Gursimran Khamab of All India Bakchod fame was called out as well for harassing and emotionally blackmailing a certain lady. But AIB decided to work with him and associate their name with him even after knowing his history of sexual misconduct. When the incident resurfaced they issued a statement that he’ll temporarily step away from his role and so will AIB CEO, Tanmay Bhatt. He was apparently aware of the whole incident and decided to work with Khamba. Utsav Chakraborty is another one who was named and shamed for his misconduct towards a minor girl.

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My statement on the recent allegations against me

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AIB issued an apology and a statement for the recent incident

There are other men from the industry who have come under the radar and its high time that people stop associating themselves with these men, who don’t have the basic decency to behave themselves or know how to treat an individual. Why entertain these people at all? Why not hear out the victim for once and take a step against these predators? Why does the incident have to resurface and then these people wake up from their slumber? It’s about time that they take a decision after the first incident itself as there is no place for a sexual predator in an environment where so many women come to create a life for themselves. Women of every age and kind. Is it too much to ask for? To have a safe environment to work in or to put our guards down for once! It’s time that the victim blaming stops and the abusers are called out. Support the victims. Hear their stories and act on it before there is another one who is victimised in the same manner.

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