Army Chief  General Bipin Rawat created quite a stir when he was interviewed by a national television news channel and he mentioned how Indian Army isn’t ready for women combat officers in the front-line yet. He went on to say that how these women officers might accuse the jawans of peeping into the huts while they changed clothes. His comments were deemed as sexist and misogynistic. He didn’t just stop there, when he was asked about the role of women officers in the line of combat he mentioned that how these jawans came from villages and wouldn’t be comfortable taking orders and instructions from a female officer. He believed that the primary task for these women should be raising kids.

We always knew that it will take a while for the country to accept women in these unconventional career options, but General Rawat could have done things differently by not sharing a piece of his mind or by just showing a little bit more support towards the female officers. He and his role in the Indian army matters a lot and so does his views on such important topics. His sexist comments aren’t going to help these jawans that he mentioned in the interview to understand how times are changing and how it’s more about having equal control of both the genders in the Indian Army.

Well! this time he decided to piss off the third gender of the country. He gave his unnecessary view and decided to ban the LGBTQ community from entering the armed forces. Even though the whole nation is working towards a better and a more acceptable future. General Rawat feels that there is no space for anyone from the LGBTQ community in the army. The Supreme Court has decriminalised Section 377, but who cares! According to General Rawat, the army has its own set of rules and regulations and being gay or lesbian or trans-sexual makes a person not fit enough to serve their country.

We definitely need to go a long way when it comes to acceptance as a nation, but we can’t afford to keep leaders like General Rawat in the system because that would mean all the hard work of anyone who has fought for their rights and their choices goes straight down the gutter. Making us take a step back from the modernisation and liberation that we so crave. Being old school is one thing and being progressively handicapped towards a certain type of people or gender is another thing!

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