Everyone knows Jasprit Bumrah for his on-target bowling skills. He is one of the best blowers we have in the Indian team. In the first T20 match against South Africa yesterday Jasprit bumrah stole the show with some brilliant fielding efforts on the ropes. Bumrah was unlucky as umpires decided to give six runs. It all happened in the seventh over (6.1 over) where David Miller mistimed the shot on a delivery by Hardik Pandya. The ball went high over the boundary where Bumrah got himself into a good position to make a stop in the air. He touched the rope after he caught the ball and tossed it back into the field of play. But the efforts went into veins as the umpire awarded six runs to David Miller.

It was a surprise for players and fans as according to new ICC rules, “All airborne fielders making their first contact with the ball will need to have taken off from within the boundary, otherwise, a boundary is scored. A boundary will be scored if a fielder in contact with the ball makes contact with any object grounded beyond the boundary, including another fielder.” It was a surprise for the Indian skipper Virat Kohli as he went to the umpire for clarification, but everything was according to the rules.

It went all good for the Indian side as they beat South Africa by 28 runs in the first T20 match at Wanderers Stadium. It was a great display of cricket by Shikhar Dhawan as he scored 72 runs off 39 balls and Bhuvneshwar Kumar who took 5 wickets. India is now leading by 1-0 in a three-match T20 series.

Many of the fans showed their displeasure over this stunning fielding efforts by Jasprit Bumrah on Twitter and we bring you a few handpicked reactions:

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