We have some excellent news for you! Not only is The Incredibles (the awesomest most spectacular superhero movie about a family of superhero characters) getting a part 2, it now has a release date – June 15! This summer I tell you is going to be epic!

The first teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJDMWVZta3M came out about two months ago that showed us the new kid on the block (literally) in this superhero movie and all his amazing superpowers like laser eyes, turning into a devil at will, floating… in case you need a refresher course on Jack-Jack’s superpowers and what went down in the first one, you can check it here: https://www.dopewope.com/meet-jack-jack-incredibles-2/

And we finally have a trailer! So without further ado,

The movie opens up with a sequence of what happened towards the end of movie one.

Cut to Elastigirl aka the mom saying something to the tune of, “Superheroes are illegal.” Whoops are they planning to go the Civil War way?

To which Dash replies with a, “But we want to fight bad guys!” The humour in that 5 sec clip is on point!

And then we see Elastigirl going on a mission to bring superheroes back in the limelight. You go woman!

Doesn’t Mrs. Parr look hot on that bike? While Elastigirl goes to work, Mr. Incredible is left home to deal with real problems like math and a rapidly growing toddler who cannot control his powers.

Poor Mr. Incredible – clearly there was no math in superhero training!

And here he is, trying to stay awake during story time.

Awe – I want to give him a hug. Being a parent is a hard job.

And then we cut to Elastigirl being a kickass superhero. Can we get a hell yes for her!

From the looks of this next screen grab, fatherhood isn’t going as smoothly as Mr. Parr had hoped – especially with Jack-Jack and his powers taking up so much of his time. Yikes!

Though the trailer was a little low on the superhero-ness that we have come to expect of such movies, the direction they seem to be heading in is definitely promising.

Watch the trailer here: 

All images sourced from YouTube

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