On the occasion of World Coconut Day, we decided to pay homage to the mighty coconut! This is one item which has always been a major part of every Indian household! Dadis swear by coconut oil when it comes to giving a ‘champi’ and the Mallus can’t imagine their food without it! We give you more reasons to make this mighty item and its by-products a part of your day-to-day life.

1. Move over highlighters and illuminators!

Just an itsy bitsy amount of coconut oil on your cheekbones can act like the perfect highlighter and give you the perfect cheekbones. Forget about spending a bomb on your super expensive highlighters and illuminators.

2. A whole lot of goodness in my morning black coffee!

Nutritionists swear by this trick! Use a spoonful of edible coconut oil in your morning black coffee and watch yourself lose inches magically! Apparently, coconut oil is the sort of good fat that we need in our lives!

3. Say no to harsh make up cleaners!

Coconut Skincare Benefits
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Replace your make up cleanser with coconut oil and watch your skin become as soft as a baby’s bottom! It cleans out any hint of residual make up on your face and moisturizes it at the same time.

4. Tame that wild mane.

Coconut Haircare
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This information has been fed to us ever since we were babies. Massage coconut oil on your scalp and leave it on for an hour. Rinse if off with a mild shampoo and conditioner and Voila!  You have the perfect mane with the most gorgeous shine and volume!

P.S. Thanks Maa! I love you for this one!

5. RubaChubChub those cellulites!

DIY Cellulite Scrub
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What if we gave you a trick to get rid of all the unwanted cellulites? Take a cup of ground coffee, add a cup of sugar to it and then throw in a generous amount of coconut oil to it. Store it in an air tight container and use it thrice a week before bath. This will not only act like a natural scrub, but the goodness of coconut oil will make your skin supple and soft.

6. Fulfill your sweet cravings!

Coconut and chocolate are a pair made in heaven! Coconut can be used in various desserts which you can savor without even an ounce of guilt, as it’s healthy and good for you. Got a sweet tooth? So, do we! Here’s a recipe you can try out: 4 ingredient coconut cream bars. You can thank us later!

7. Chug it down!

Coconut water is literally the nectar of the gods. Drink it religiously every morning and you would never have a single blemish on your skin. It is also known for keeping the stomach cool and let’s be honest who doesn’t like drinking it!

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