Social Media posts spiked a couple days ago following Hollywood actor Idris Elba’s twitter post.

This was the star’s tweet which said – “My name is Elba, Idris Elba”. There is no doubt that it resembles the iconic, “My name is Bond, James Bond” dialogue.

Fans went crazy over the post as they all are eager to see the Heimdall actor succeed Daniel Craig.

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Back in January, in an interview, Elba quoted, “It’s interesting that the James Bond thing continues to go. I think it’s more about ‘we just want to have a black guy play James Bond’ rather than ‘Idris Elba, the actor, play James Bond’. That’s the part that I’m like, ‘ugh, come on’.”

“Are we interested in having a Bond character other than being a male? It could be a woman – could be a black woman, could be a white woman – but I think, that character, everybody would like to see it have… do something different with it, why not? Added Idris.

However, Idris Elba has dropped another bomb via his Twitter account which has left many fans with a broken heart.

His Twitter post shows a picture of the 1988 hit song – Don’t Believe The Hype by Hip Hop Group Public Enemy.

The actor is now at the top spot from the initial 5th position in being a favourite to portray James Bond. Most bookmakers gave him odds of around 2/1. Tom Hardy and James Norton are still one of the favourites at 3/1 and 4/1 respectively.

Daniel Craig played James Bond in four films over the course of 11 years. He finally ended speculation last year by signing up for one final outing as James Bond before permanently quitting from the role.

As for Idris’ fans, only time can answer if the Avengers star would be seen as 007.



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