When it comes to creating something unique and magnificent, the Japanese are always leading the pack. They are also extremely culturally rich and love to preserve their traditions and festivals. Their love for arts and creativity is seen in one such festival called Wara Art Festival also known as Straw art festival.

The Wara Art Festival all started in 2006 when the local district reached out to Musashino Art University to seek guidance on transforming their abundant amount of rice straw into art. And in 2008, the very first Wara Art Festival was held. Since then, every year the school sends art students up to Niigata to assist in creating sculptures made out of rice straw. The festivities have ended but the sculptures are on display through October 31, 2017.

Check out the best displays from the 2017 festival below, and definitely put a trip to Japan on your September-October holiday to-do list for next year.

The scary looking crocodile with a killer jaw!

The massive gorilla all set for the kill 😛

With a cute bum 😛

The ferocious lion!

The stampeding bull!

The jaw of Gorilla..

The team crocodile!

Here’s the glimpse of work in progress on Gorilla.

“I am going to eat them all” 😛

The team Bull.

The huge Rhino!

The rhino in making…

The team working indoors on the straw building and gathering…

We think this is definitely a fun and creative way of using the rice straw leftover from the harvest.

What do you think? Watch the videos below and let us know in comments!

Watch the timelapse of 2017 festival here:

All image sources: Facebook

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