No one is insured from the possible negative effects of nature. So, how to escape from a tornado? How to save your family during this cataclysm? This article will give some tips on how to protect yourself and your loved ones from the possible consequences of a tornado. The text is taken from a Russian dating website.

Action algorithm

  1. Get ready for a tornado. In this case, improvisation is ineffective. Preliminary training will only increase your chances to wait out a tornado and stay alive.
  2. Be observant. Dark, bluish sky with thick heavy clouds, large hailstones, and noise, like a passing freight train, can mean the approach of a tornado.
  3. Hide in the shelter. Even if, in your opinion, a tornado is still far away, immediately go to the most protected place from the wind and hail. If possible, bend down to the ground. Metro can be the best way to hide from a tornado.
    • In areas of risk, such as schools, colleges, and other buildings, there are special protective rooms. Find out in advance where they are or build a similar room at home.
    • Hide in a basement. Don’t approach windows and cover yourself with a mattress, pillows or a sleeping bag. Get under a heavy table and avoid heavy hanging items that can cause you injury when falling.
    • If there is no basement in the house, stay on the lower floor of the building. Find the smallest room away from windows and external walls. For such purposes, a bathroom or toilet is suitable.
    • If you are driving during a tornado, leave the car immediately and go look for shelter. You are unlikely to be able to outrun a tornado the speed of which sometimes exceeds 65 mph.
    • If you are driving, and you have some time, drive as fast as possible towards the nearest shelter or away from the projected tornado track. Correctly choose a route: if a tornado moves to the left from a fixed object that you see, go to the right, and vice versa.
  4. Stay in the shelter until the tornado completely disappears. Listen to the radio forecast and rely only on official information. Consider the fact that there may be several more tornadoes nearby.
  5. Carefully leave your shelter. Along with a tornado, floods occur, buildings and trees turn into debris, and roads become dangerous. Protect yourself from possible injury by being prudent. Don’t approach damaged power lines, don’t make open fire, and don’t use matches near damaged buildings where there is a possibility of gas leakage. Don’t go through the ruins.

Some tips

  • A bathroom will best protect you during a tornado as its walls and floor are strengthened with pipes, which increases the strength of this part of the house.
  • Remember the danger of gas and electrical appliances igniting. Take care that they are turned off before a tornado.
  • Keep calm and stay close to family members.
  • Despite the lower strength and speed, tornadoes that form above water are also extremely dangerous. Being at sea, it is extremely difficult to find a safe shelter. In this case, experts advise swimming to the right side in the course of the tornado. If you feel that a tornado doesn’t last long, it is best to leave the boat and dive overboard.
  • It is necessary to distinguish between the levels of danger reported by meteorologists. The first stage is that radio or television announces the possibility of a tornado in a given area. In this case, it is worth being in a state of readiness and waiting for the following notifications. If a tornado alert appears in the media, then a tornado has formed and attacks. You should take everything you need and begin evacuation to the nearest shelter, but without panic.