The idea of sex parties might be daunting to some but have become all the rage in Europe and parts of the United States. Here are the rules for planning your first sex party!

1. Find a space.

You’ll want a place that is both big enough for people to socialize in platonically and sexually, you could Google European sex dungeons for some ideas on this, there was also a large basement in an abandoned building on the outskirts of Chicago did this very well.

2. Don’t do it alone.

It’s a good idea to have staff or a co-host to help out in crises and keep an overall eye on how things are going, , helping people feel more social and facilitating connections between people. To find helpers, you have to be slick, though. If you try to make a job posting on Monster or Indeed, it will likely be taken down. And if you make a posting on the internet, you will most likely receive spam until you die.

3. Spread the word.

Since carrier pigeons have gone out of style and hand delivery of invitations might be impractical or awkward, you’ll have to find other ways to advertise. Posters to email list of attendees, as well as posts on internet groups such as MeetUp and FetLife. And don’t forget to spread the news via word of mouth as well, because that works, too.

4. Get the right people to attend.

In order to ensure that only those who really want to come to the party do, you could make it so that people have to contact you for details of the event. This tactic helps to cut down on the types of people who want to attend with the expectation of free live porn or free sex workers. He also charges a fee, which helps deter creepos who think they’re getting in on some free action. In Chicago typically women and trans people pay $15 to attend, while men and couples pay $30.

5. Make the inside nice to hang out in.

While it didn’t take much more than a car in a dark secluded area to get it on when we were in college, we’ve all hopefully raised our standards since then. Typical orgies are separated into socializing areas, consisting of several comfy couches around a coffee table, and a sexy-time area. To help people transition from one area to another, include games, for example, sexy Jenga with each block having a naughty and a nice side.

6. Have interesting surfaces for people to do it on.

One example would be the type of examination table you’d find in an OBGYN’s office, and an adult-sized crib. You might have to do some Googling with Safe Search off if you want to buy some contraptions beyond beds and couches.

7. Have booze.

Before sexual lubrication, many people need social lubrication in the form of booze.

8. Make rules and enforce them.

Pictured are rules, which put an emphasis on asking for consent before touching or watching. Pictures during the party should also be prohibited because some of these people may have important jobs they could be fired from.


9. Have tools and protection available.

Optimistically full condom bowls  and tables filled covered in dildos are a must at these parties. When they’re ready to get it on, no one has to worry about where to find a condom or whip.

10. Make everyone feel safe and sexy.

Creating a party that is both “safe” and “sexy,” are “two sides of the same coin.” For people to feel free to be their sexy selves, they have to feel safe. This can be achieved by having someone man the door, check IDs and enforce the rules, while another helping people to meet in the social area before moving to the sexy area.

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