An autograph from Prime Minister Narendra Modi has turned West Bengal’s Mudi sisters into celebrities of their district.

Rita and Anita Mudi had gone to attend Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s rally in Midnapore last week when they were injured in the tent collapse and rushed to a hospital.

When PM Modi visited the injured at Midnapore hospital, Rita asked him for an autograph. Modi not only give his autograph but also clicked a picture with them.

How a Modi autograph turned West Bengal village girls into local celebrities

“I didn’t have a paper with me when I asked for his autograph. Modi ji patiently waited for me to get one and asked me several times if I was well before giving me his autograph. I am a great fan of his and will cherish that moment with him for the rest of my life,”

Curious villagers are visiting the sisters wanting to take a snap of PM Modi’s autograph.

One of them said, “We want to ask the sisters how it feels to be so close to the prime minister, whom we can only see on TV or photographs.”

To the two girls pursuing Bangla Honours in Ranibandh College, a conversation in Hindi with the prime minister feels like the biggest achievement so far.

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