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The heat and hype are on in the footballing world as the 2018 FIFA World Cup is going on in full swing. We Indian fans have chosen our respective second nations to support in the world’s biggest tournament as our own nation doesn’t play at the World Cup.

Although the Blue Tigers aren’t a part of the World Cup presently, hopes of every Indian football fan is lit. Especially after our team’s performance in the Intercontinental Cup recently. Amidst all these positivities, a bad news has made its way and has struck us like a lightning. News broke last day that, the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has decided not to send the Indian Football Team to the Asian Games.

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Indian Olympic Association President: Narinder Dhruv Batra

Its a major blow to the hopes of the Indian Football Team who were expecting to feature in the 2018 Asian Games as a build-up to next year’s AFC Asian Cup.

Without proper and regular competitions, Indian team would have lesser scopes of excellence and thus this incident can be seen as a major hurdle in terms of growth of the sports in our country.

AIFF (All India Football Federation) has voiced its opinion regarding the case. In an official statement yesterday, AIFF said that IOA lacks the vision and competence to understand that football is a global sport. They further added that IOA never showed any interest in discussing the strategies and plans to develop football in India.

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Praful Patel- President of the All India Football Federation

AIFF has also stated that they are ready to send the team at their own expenses to play in the 2018 Asian games that is set to take place in Jakarta and Palembang from 18th of August.

Indian national football team is having a great run of form. The same form took them from 173rd place to 97th in the FIFA Rankings. Another notable achievement is where the Blue Tigers earned the qualification for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup after 8 years. As the players and the fans were rejoicing in the wake of successful events in Indian football, IOA’s decision came in as a party spoiler for them.

As per IOA regulations, only the national teams ranked between 1-8 at the continental level were cleared for the games. Thus, Chhetri and men, who are currently ranked 14 in Asia were denied an opportunity despite a string of good performances in international matches recently.

The Social Media has erupted and the fans are not holding themselves back in condemning IOA’s act. Nevertheless, let’s hope and pray that our nation would get an opportunity to feature themselves in the Asian Games and make us all proud.

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