Sex in our society is still a taboo for a lot of people, especially when it comes to anal sex. This form of sex is common in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Although this type of sex is not the traditional way of having sex, if practiced with care, it can be super enjoyable for couples. It is said that both men and women have several erotic nerve endings in the anal area which when stimulated can give intense pleasure feeling. But the most crucial components for pleasurable and safe anal sex are communication, relaxation, and lubrication.

It takes time to develop the comfort and experience required for dealing with the back-door entry. For most couples, it is just a try anal sex to spice up their sex life. So, here are a few anal sex positions that can help make the experience more fun.

Note: Add patience, safety, communication, and time to enjoy the most pleasurable anal sex.



In this modified version of the missionary position, the receiver’s legs can be bent and held, rested on the giver’s shoulders, or can even be curved around the giver’s waist. To put extra pressure the receiver can hold their knees to their chest. Though, the position might get uncomfortable quickly it will give you a good feeling.

The Flat-out:

The Flat-out

In this position, raise the receiver’s ass up placing a pillow under, especially if you sit and ride to enter your partner from the back door. You could also lie flat on top to enter the receiver. This position allows for deeper penetration.

The Little Lift:

The Little-lift

This position is a variation of the classic doggy style. The receiver’s head and upper body are lowered onto the bed. Placing a couple of pillows will give extra support to the receiver during the act. It stimulates the prostate as these are closer to the surface in this position.

Top Swap:

Top Swap

Having the receiver on the top gives the partner full control of the speed and depth of the penetration. The top can either hop and face the giver or face away from the giver. Facing each other gives the benefit of communicating as well as kissing and touching. When facing away, one can stimulate their own genitals.



This position is highly flexible, comfortable, and accommodating to couples of varying sizes. Spooning is great for the couples who are not in a rush to end the act. This position allows self-stimulation, and the couple can indulge in kissing and touching the body.

Bend-over bliss:

Bent-over Bliss

The receiver can stand, bent over on a table or a chair or against the wall to be entered from behind. This is a classic porn style position which allows deep penetration.

Keep in mind that lubrication is an absolute must as, unlike the vagina, the anus is not self-lubricating and penetration without lubrication can lead to tears and cuts, which can cause infections. Using props and furniture, toys, hands, tongues, and genitals in different combinations can be really fun and rewarding for both partners.

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