Since 2015, Deadpool 2 was one of the most hotly-anticipated, even in the crapload of upcoming superhero movies. Deadpool 2 comes to theatres May 18th. To celebrate, we’ve put together some of the funniest Deadpool moments from the comics for your enjoyment.

Deadpool sees something he can never un-see: Aunt May & Uncle Ben naked

Even with his twisted sense of humour, the sight of these two naked old people freaks Deadpool out. If you suddenly got an eyeful of not one but two naked old people, you would want to kill someone too. Deadpool (being Deadpool) kills them both. Of course, we all know that is not how Uncle Ben actually dies, and later, we find out that the naked Aunt May and Uncle Ben are actually clones. In fact, there was an army of deceased cloned superheroes attacking Deadpool.

Deadpool Makes 372,844 Pancakes

Deadpool likes to relax by making Pancakes. He likes it so much that  one time he made 372,844.

Why, though? One would be tempted to think that he was just bored. However his, ladies and gentlemen, is Deadpool. He made those 372,844 pancakes for one reason: a pratical joke, to slap some sense into his comrade.

If you continue the comic:

OH NO! Domino is falling. What will happen next?

Deadpool Tortures Carnage with Dubstep

Deadpool once beat Carnage, who is sensitive to sound, literally using illegally downloaded dubstep music. Once he had him defeated, he remarked, “You don’t deserve sonic torture that’s been paid for.”

Also, only Deadpool can be so cocky while holding his own intestines in one hand.

Deadpool has a cage fight with Abraham Lincoln

When the US presidents are resurrected as zombies by evil magic, there’s only one way things are going to go down.

A cage fight! I mean just imagine Deadpool 3 featuring a Hell in a Call match with dead US presidents. I’d watch that.

Deadpool gives nudie magazines to Kid Apocalypse

He may be the big bad in the less than stellar film X-Men: Apocalypse, but when Apocalypse was cloned as a teenager, Deadpool decided the best reading material to keep his homicidal tendencies in check was a collection of ‘Playguy’. He probably likes the well-written articles.

Deadpool Kills Hitler

Before Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds showed Hitler being perforated with a machince gun, it was a certain time-travelling merc who killed the Fuhrer.

Deadpool makes his feelings about the Star Wars Prequels clear

An understandable reaction.

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