Its been successful 3 years for Google in launching their dedicated line-up for stock android mobile phones – Pixel series. 3 years back the launch was a plan for a long term strategy to be the Apple of Androids. Apple devices are loved by a major market share because hardware & software both are controlled by them. This way any critical issue, apple releases a quick fix update in next few hours. This is where Google intends to be in the next few years.

Official Announcement from Google

In few hours, Google will be commencing off with their official event to launch the next phone – Pixel 3 & Pixel 3 XL and few other surprises. This is what all we know about it

Apart from Black & White, a new Turquoise tint & Not Pink

Source: GSMArena

Last year there was Black, White & the panda inspired – Black & White. This year we can expect a fresh new colour – Not Pink. The idea to introduce a new coloraturas can be said to be derived from Apple, so that spotting the new colour on people’s hands will help them identify it being the latest model

Specs – Pixel 3 XL

Source: GSMArena

As by the name goes 3 XL, this is the bigger device out of the 2 expected to launch. This device will come with the trending notch design and Android 9 – Pie is officially supporting the notch designs from handset manufacturers. 6.5 inch device will come powered with a larger battery as compared to Pixel 3 which will definitely last much longer in day to day use.

Specs – Pixel 3

Source: GSMArena

The device form factor with 5.5 inch screen makes it more affordable as well as perfect size to hold when compared to the XL model.   Both devices will come equipped with the same set of camera features and software build.

New Smart Speaker with Screen – Home Hub

Source: Android Headlines

Last year Google introduced Google Home Mini & Max. This was in direct competition to Apple’s smart speakers and Amazon’s echo devices. This year we can expect the new Google Home Hub to come with a screen bundled with lots of additional features. This is to compete with Amazon’s widely popular Echo Show. To be honest smart speakers will take time to be accepted by users in the market since privacy and eavesdropping are highest security concerns juggling people’s minds.

Google Chromecast 2018

Source: PhoneArena

Equipped with much powerful hardware than its predecessor and smart AI built in, this years Chromecast is definitely the much awaited update. But sadly this year too, do not expect 4K capabilities and Amazon Prime support out of the box.

Google Pixel Slate

Source: PhoneArena

Google is ready to surprise us with a 2 in 1 device, dubbed Google Slate. This will come with detachable keyboard. This new lineup is mainly to enter in competition to the Microsoft Surfaces and Apple’s iPads. What hardware and software capabilities it comes with, we will seen in next couple of hours.

Rumoured hands-on of Pixel 3XL

A YouTuber named Rozetked from Russia, apparently posted this hands-on video of Google’s latest Pixel 3 XL handset. We see him comparing specs and feature-wise with last years Pixel 2 XL. Well this hands-on might be true might not be true. Take it with a pinch of salt while we find out in next couple of hours.

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