PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a very popular game which literally needs no introduction. So we’ll cut the deal and get to the point straightaway. Almost everybody loves PUBG but not everyone can fill their belly with a Chicken Dinner every time. DopeWope (actually it’s just me) brings you 5 pro basic-tips to be a true chicken master.

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Before I begin, let me tell you guys that I’m not a super-pro player myself but I can and I shall be a good guide. So allow me to be what Achrekar was to Sachin and Alex Ferguson to Cristiano Ronaldo. Let’s go.


#5 Plan your drop

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We all have a particular favourite spot where we drop each time we play PUBG. But remember this, your favourite spot must be a favourite to many others too, depending upon the course of the plane. So sometimes it’s okay to let go of your favourite drop location and land somewhere safer.

#4 Learn to use Frag/Stun/Smoke Grenades

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Being a Real Chicken Master isn’t just about using SMG/Assault or Sniper Rifle like a pro. One must also get themselves to use grenades as per the situation. It helps a lot in damaging or taking your enemies by surprise.

#3 Never give away your location first

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Let us say you are approaching the safe zone and there are already enemies stationed who haven’t spotted you yet. It’d be a foolish move to fire at them straight away and let them know where you are. Instead, get behind a proper cover, get them under your scope where they have minimal chances of escaping and then hit them before they know what hit them and from ‘where’.

#2 Always keep moving

Remember this, ‘You are an easy target if you stand still.” So always keep moving or jumping when in an open space. Take care of this especially if you are playing Miramar which has acres of open spaces. This tip is not valid if you are inside a house or behind a proper cover. Because, if you are inside a house and keep moving then the chances are 100% that your enemies would get your location (credits to the footstep marker in mini-map).

Also, make sure that you move once you get a kill. If no, then the remaining opponents would easily get your location. This can be problematic if the safe zone is smaller and there are less than 10 players alive.

#1 Always have a sniper in your bag

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Ensure that you always have two different types of guns with you. There is no point in carrying an M416 and a Scar-L as both uses 5.56mm ammo. It is always recommended that you have an assault rifle, an SMG along with a sniper. In that case, you are well-equipped for close-range as well as long-range combats.

*Bonus Tip*

Customise Your Settings:

Thankfully there is an option in PUBG which helps you customise the settings. Take some time and set them all (The fire button, grenade, sprint, prone etc.) as per your convenience.


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