Kajol is back on the silver screen and with a bang. The recently released trailer of Helicopter Eela proves the point! Not saying that she had completely disappeared from the screen but she has been off, lately and the last we saw her was in Dilwale with SRK which didn’t really fair well on the box office.

The trailer was released on 5th August which also happens to be Kajol’s birthday. And the first among the many to share it was none other than Karan Johar.

Looks like everything is good in the B-town and the grudges have been long buried 😉

Coming to Helicopter Eela, Kajol plays the role of Eela who is a mother, who has decided to resume her education after 22 years. Sounds very cool but all hell breaks loose when she joins the same college as her son. Imagine our mom’s doing this! It would be a complete nightmare which is exactly the case with the son. The film explores the relationship between a single mother and her son. Mothers are the most caring and the most inspirational characters in our lives, but too much love and care can lead to suffocation. We all deserve to have our individuality and space to be the person we wish to be.

Often parents leave their ambition and education for the sake of their children and their upbringing. Eela is an aspiring singer who seems to have given up on her career and has become an overbearing mother to her 15 year old son.

Will this mother-son duo work out at the box office? Only time will tell. Directed by Pradeep Sarkar the movie is set to release on 7th September.

Check out the trailer here:

P.s: Do check your parents mark sheet today to confirm whether they told you the truth or not, you never know 😉

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