Gulzar Sahab rules millions of hearts with his soulful poetry and lyrics. Through his poetic expression, he takes us through a myriad of emotions such as love, despair, heartbreak, desires, bonding, void, and so much more. Gulzar, born as Sampooran Singh Kalra, is probably one of the finest lyricists and poets India has ever seen. Born in Jhelum, Pakistan, he came to India after partition with scars and pain that later reflected through his verses. Gulzar started his careeras a lyricist for Bandini and later entered the world of direction with Mere Apne. Here’s a compilation of some of his magical words to warm your hearts:

Achi khitabe or ache log….! Turant samaj me nahi aate, unhe padhna padta hain..


Toh…aayiye Gulzar ko samajhne ke liye, Gulzar ki nazme padhe….