Since YouTube’s new policy change regarding guns, InRangeTV, a channel focused on gun safety demonstrations, has decided to make the move to Pornhub. Surprisingly, they actually went through with it. For the time being, InRangeTV can still be found on both platforms, but come April, you will likely have to get a Pornhub account to subscribe to their channel.

InRangeTV is the first to make the transition, but CandRsenal entered shortly after and many more gun channels are likely to follow. Recently, the team uploaded a video titled WWSD: PDQ AMBI-BOLT CATCH to the infamous free porn site, and the comments were amazing.

“I’ve never anticipated the day where I had to make a PornHub account to subscribe to a gun channel. Lo and behold.”

 “As a Republican this alienation of mainstream American culture by leftists on the coasts has me drooling over my party’s chances in 2018 to hold on to power. To think that San Francisco noodle armed soyboys are trying to shame 100+ million gun owners is fucking hilarious. Right now YouTube is about to become more restricted then basic cable and over the air network tv. That shit is sad and hilarious at the same time.”

“Screw YouTube. Glad to see you keeping your first & second amendment rights going.”

 Gun channels are having zero luck on YouTube. To have the hope of even keeping their channel alive, (at least until April) they’re being forced to demonetize their videos and thus losing out on potential revenue. On Pornhub however, creators can get paid with ad revenue (although these ads are of the NSFW variety) and they also still have their Patreons.

Educational gun channels are migrating to a site that has nothing whatever to do with SFW content. Pornhub has no real rules in this regard, so it’s unlikely that censorship will strike them down. In the coming weeks, Pornhub will likely see an increase in numbers, but not for the reasons they may think.

Also, there’s a chance some people get off to gun videos, too.

Oh baby, I love it when you cock your shotgun…

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