The world is celebrating International Women’s Day, today, on the 8th of March. Google has, yet again, caught everyone’s eye by sharing its doodle dedication for the day. This time, it has not just shared one doodle, but has multiple doodle stories from the lives of 12 powerful women doodlers. Check them out here:

1. Aarthi: The Amazing – Isuri

This beautiful story is that about a hardworking and dedicated mother who can kill a monster and sell its meat to make sure her kids never sleep on an empty stomach or an empty head.

2. The Box – Francesca Sanna

This one is about being the woman who support other women in getting through life.

3. Minutes – Tillie Walden

This one talks about how every minute of your life is a teacher and wasted time is not really wasted if you learn something out of it.

4. Love – Laerte

This story is about a woman trapped in a man’s body and her belief in true love.

5. Inwards – Tuna Dunn

This one is about loving others while not forgetting to love yourself.

6.Homeland – Saffa Khan

This beautiful story is about one’s love for her caring city and her loving family.

7.Ntsoaki’s Victory – Karabo Poppy

This seeming folklore is about courage, confidence, boldness, compassion and victory of a woman in the world of men.

8.My Aunt Blossoms – Esteli Meza

This beauty is about overcoming fear with the help of hope.

9. Ages and Stages – Chihiro Takeuchi

This one showcases that it is never too late to fulfill your dreams and to live a joyful life all over again.

10. On the Roof – Kaveri Gopalakrishnan

The beauty of this doodle is in its simplicity. This one depicts how knowledge can give your dreams flight and set you free.

11. Nov 1989 – Anna Haifisch

Revolutions can change the way a world is viewed and can sometimes be beneficial to every section of the society.

12. Trust – Philippa Rice

This story doesn’t just help build trust among others, but also helps you gain trust within yourself with the help of others just like you.


You can view each of these unique, empowering stories, for yourself, here

Happy Women’s Day to the powerful woman in you, from DopeWope!

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