Waking up in the middle of the night with the sound of the wind-chime ringing and the smell of some cheap after-shave, while a man in a dark ski mask knocked on your window with a knife in his hand. This is how the Golden State Killer terrorized his victims. A 12 year-old girl who was going to be one of his victims in the state of California gave the above mentioned account. It has been more than a decade that the authorities have been looking for the man who brutally raped and murdered all his victims around the state of California. Making him one of the most notorious killers in the history of USA. After a decade of searching and collecting evidences the authorities finally arrested a 72 years-old former cop, Joseph James DeAngelo who has been determined as the Golden State Killer and rapist.

The Golden State Killer is also known as the Zodiac Killer or the Night Stalker. He would stalk his victims before he attacked them and carried on with the whole deed. What intrigues us about this individual is not that he mercilessly killed so many innocent people but his actual style of following the whole process.

Interested to know more about him? Here are a few facts about the infamous Golden State Killer:

1. He stalked his victims before planning out the murder

He would break into his victim’s house and then map out a plan so that he could go ahead with his criminal act. It included knowing when the victim would be alone and the other people living with the victim. There are cases when people had found footwear marks near their windows or inside their houses.

2. He started off as a serial rapist

The Golden State killer started off as a rapist attacking women in the middle of the night in their bedrooms. There have been at least 45 reported rape cases against him and his victims were mostly women of middle and upper class.

3. He would take his victim’s belongings as a trophy

The criminal had a fetish of collecting his victim’s belongings as trophies. He took away either their engagement ring or coins or any piece of jewellery.

4. His style of committing the crime

He would tie his victim with whatever he could find around and then brutally rape them. In case anyone else was in the house, he would tie them in the other room and keep objects on their back. Threatening to kill the victim if they dropped the objects kept on their back.

5. He would raid the victim’s fridge

There were incidents when cops had found dead bodies of the victims and discovered a piece of half eaten food item around the house. This was a pattern, which was followed by the Golden state killer.

6. Victimizing his prey

He would call his victims and threaten to kill them. There are recordings of the killer threatening the victim in a hushed deep tone, which will creep the living daylights out of anyone who is listening to it.

There were 12 cases of murder and 45 cases of rape reported against the unknown killer and was the biggest case of murder and rape, which couldn’t be cracked down by the authorities. It comes as a shock and yet a relief that the suspect has been arrested. What's unnerving is the fact that the suspect is a man who was so closely working with law and order. It just makes us wonder what sort of monsters are these certain people who wear the mask of humanity but prey of innocent lives once the devil in them is unleashed.

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