2017 is soon to end and people are planning which New Year parties to attend and the one’s hosting are preparing up for being the perfect New Year House Party host. As the year end’s we witness some great deals and offers everywhere on the leading online e-commerce platforms. Here is a list of some powerful mid-range phones to consider under 20k

1. Honor 9i by Huawei

This one was promoted heavily everywhere online and it boasted the world’s first ever phone with 4 cameras 16MP + 2MP on the back and 13MP + 2MP on the front. It is equipped with all the powerful hardware like octa-core processor, 4GB / 64GB setup, 3340mAH battery .. all this is packed within a 5.9 inch 18:9 screen. I am currently using it and it clicks AWESOME photos and the portrait mode ( both from the front and back cameras ) are superb.

Pros: Superb dual camera setup on both front and back, powerful 3340mAH battery, latest 18:9 screen which is comfortable to hold

Cons: If hybrid sim slot is your concern then it can be one, No fast charging

Price: 17,999 INR

2. iPhone SE by Apple

Apple iPhones are always seen as the premium handsets but this little baby here has come a long way to end up being in the mid-range list. The phone is for those who still wish to own one compact size phones unlike large screen sized Android & iPhones in the market. Its a year old phone with compact screen size but at the end, it is on an Apple’s ecosystem which is the best one considering they are both hardware and software manufacturers for Apple devices.

Pros: Close to bezel-less screen with 18:9 aspect ratio, Expandable storage

Cons: since its a compact screen size the battery capacity is on the lower side.

Price: 17.999 INR

3. Mi Max 2 by Xiaomi

If you are one of those smartphone buyers who want a big screen sized phone then this one is for you all. It has a gigantic 6.4 inch screen size with powerful hardware inside with Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor, 4GB / 64GB setup. With phone of such high configuration and mammoth screen the battery juice packed inside is a massive 5,300 mAH  😈

Pros: Massive 5300mAH Battery, 6.5 inch Display, Android 7.1 out of the box

Cons: Hybrid Sim Slot ( means you can either use SIM slot 2 OR micro-SD card)

Price: 15,000 INR

4. Mi A1 by Xiaomi

Well, this one has to be my personal favorite phone. A pure stock android phone in terms of software and the hardware being made by a reputed and mass loving company is a dream come true. Pure vanilla android along with Xiaomi’s hardware and  at this price point is a killer steal deal. With fresh new colors being added like rose gold, pure red etc and dual camera setup on the back, fast charging… this one phone which should not be given 2nd thoughts if considered buying. Check out all about its specs, hardware and the performance in the video below

Pros: Dual cameras, fast charging, stock android means new versions will come very next day, the new RED color is awesome

Cons: None in particular.

Price: Starting from 13,999 INR

5. Honor 7X by Huawei

This one is an Amazon exclusive phone. Personally, if the latest 18:9 aspect ratio screens have caught your attention and you really wish you could have those new screen sized phone at an affordable pricing, then this one is for you. Edge to edge all design screen with a high screen-to-body ratio and 2160 x 1080 Full HD+ resolution. Comes with a dual camera on the back and with 2 variants to choose from – 4GB / 32GB and 4GB / 64GB,

Pros: Dual camera setup on the back, powerful 3340mAH battery, latest 18:9 screen which is comfortable to hold

Cons: If hybrid sim slot is your concern then it can be one, No fast charging, No dual camera on the front.

Price: 12,999  / 15,999 INR

So which one are you planning to flaunt in 2018?


Sagar contributes insightful articles covering all the technology stuff especially mobile technology and is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast. Besides all things tech, Sagar is very passionate about mobile phones and games. You will see him switch between different mobile handsets every six months. Also loves to binge watch shows, movies and travel randomly.