The wedding season is here! Are you still single though… and umm ready to mingle? Well worry not, we have you covered. Wedding is the time when everyone is dressed at their best and there is love in the air. Everyone is looking for hook-ups and romantic relationships and that’s all part of *cough cough* getting laid! Oops did we say that out loud, I guess we did so let’s get down and dirty 😉 Plus you never know when you may end up finding true love while just having some fun. Some of you might be depressed for being forced to attend the wedding or just seeing so many couples around.

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All it takes is some effort and making the right moves. It’s not really difficult to have fun and enjoy the wedding while having a good time afterwards!

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There are some ground rules to keep in mind while you are on the field. Follow these and you may end up as a couple this wedding season!

1. Keep your eyes open!

Eyes open
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Like be there, literally! Don’t just sit at one place and get lost in your dreams. You need to be alert and approachable. Talk! Network! The more you involve yourself, the more potential prospects you will meet. People love to talk and have conversations. And you never know, there might be someone feeling just out of place like you.

2. Don’t get drunk!

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Yes, it is time to celebrate and you are there to have fun. But getting too drunk and not being able to stand on your feet is a total turn off! No one wants to date a person who can’t drink responsibly or handle himself or herself.

3. Don’t give wrong signals!

I do
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If you are single, be proud of it. Don’t show you are hiding some affair or be a Casanova and flirt with random people, you are not creating a good impression by doing this. The idea is to keep it subtle yet be part of the game 😉

4. Rock the dance floor!

dance floor
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If you can’t dance, please practice some moves before you attend a wedding. Weddings are a time of happiness. Everyone loves a good dancer with great moves. So, make sure you are dressed appropriately and ready to hit the floor once the music starts. Remember, an early bird… in this case, will catch everyone’s eye!

5. Smile on!

Smile on
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It’s time to show off the 32’s! Whoever you talk to, make sure you have a smile on your face. It might the hurt the jaw, but it will be worth it. And please if you are a guy don’t get sentimental during the bidaai and cry! Rather keep a hanky handy to give it to someone pretty, in need 😉

6. Find the kids

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Every wedding has some kids running around. Find some and enjoy. Click pictures with them and play around. The one who is comfortable with the kids is always a keeper. The right contenders will notice you. Besides it also helps in starting a conversation 😉

7. Know when you have to hit the chord!

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If you find someone potential and get the interested vibe, don’t push it too hard! Know where to put a stop so that you don’t go overboard and scare off the potential match. Also ensure you don’t play too hard to get.

8. Get a room

Get a room
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If you are lucky you will find the right one. And if she/he is comfortable with you, please, please, please, get a room .It’s really not appropriate to get all comfy and do PDA in front of other people.

Also it’s not your wedding, you may plan one (if you want to) but don’t steal the thunder from the bride and groom! Plus you don’t want to grab too much attention from the people around to ensure that your ship sails through 😉

hit it
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So are you ready?

are you ready?
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