College is a new phase of life. You meet so many new people. Some might become instant friends, while others may need a different approach, especially if the guy is cute and hot!

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How do we approach a stranger? It can make one really nervous and tongue tied, plus you don’t want to appear very obvious because that might make give him all the power. You might wonder what to say, how to say it, or if will you appear sl*tty?

So how do you grab his attention amidst the crowd and make him your friend or get him interested in you? You never know, he might turn out to be your soulmate or your best friend in future. It just about taking the one step forward. Here are some ways in which you can try approaching a guy in your college…

Dress to impress


The first impression is the last impression. How you dress up shapes up your personality overall and makes you stand among the crowd. Wearing clothing that fits well which adds elegance to your style is something that will never go unnoticed. So make sure you prep up a night before and try your clothes on before making a final go!

Ask questions

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A simple way to start a conversation can be by asking general questions. If it’s a new place for you, then even better. You can start asking by where is the library or a cafe or classroom xyz! Once you have asked a question and got a desired answer, you can introduce yourself. Next time when you meet him continue with a hi/bye and hit him with a smile. He will eventually come around asking for more.

Form study group


College is also about assignments and coursework. If he is in your class then ask him to be part of your study group. This way you will have more time to interact with him and know him better. Slow and steady approach 😉

Ask for help

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Another good way: men love to help women in distress. Not able to figure out a math problem? Find out if he is good at it and then ask for help. If you have done your research correctly, then voila! You have found yourself a mentor (who is cute and hot 😛 )

Bump into each other often

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Out of sight is out of mind. You need make sure you are visible at specific time when he is free and at a strategic location such that it doesn’t appear forced. Once he is comfortable with your presence he will come and approach you. Start with a smile if you catch him looking at you.

Eye contact and smile

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This is very important while starting a fresh conversation. Making sure you are looking into his eyes and smiling while you strike your first conversation. This will give him confidence to approach you and be your friend. If one doesn’t look into the eye while talking it creates an impression that you are rude and cold and also not interested.

Be mildly flirty

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Okay, this could be bit dangerous so you are expected to be careful. You don’t want to end up giving the wrong signal and becoming a laughing stock. Only once you have spoken to him twice or thrice should you try this. Dropping subtle flirty comments in between the conversation to map his reaction. You can then plan it further if he seems cool with it.

Besides this, don’t forget men can also feel awkward while starting a new conversation or approaching a girl. It’s best to create your presence first around him and let him notice you and know that you exist. If done correctly you are bound to succeed 😉

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Let us know in comments below which of these approaches would you take to approach a guy you like!

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