There’s a good news coming in for Gamers amid this Lockdown. The Epic Games Store, a digital video game storefront for Microsoft Windows and macOS, operated by Epic Games is offering free download of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Five (V). Soon after the news outburst, game lovers and enthusiasts lined up to download GTA V due to which Epic Games Store witnessed a nearly eight-hour long crash.

What’s interesting is, Epic Games Store put the entire premium edition of GTA V for free download, that’s whopping 90GB in size. Gamers are also free to play the Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack, which gives you additional content. Now, with this huge size to be downloaded and with the hardcore GTA game lovers present, an 8-hour crash looks very minimal. However, the attention-grabbing thing here is, The Epic Games Store never advertised about the GTA V free download and the outburst of game lovers happened only through word of mouth which is self-explanatory how popular the game is and how game lovers are crazy behind this 2015 released game The Grand Theft Auto Five.

The outbreak of free download of GTA V left The Epic Games Stores to send out a list of tweets asking the game lovers to claim down. Here are some series of tweets by Epic Games Store:

The Epic Games Store GTA Tweet

The Epic Games Store GTA Tweet 2

The Epic Games Store GTA Tweet 3

All we can do is request all the GTA lovers to claim down as the game will be available for free download till the 21st of May. We all understand the enthusiasm everyone would have to download the game but, let’s try not to flood The Epic Games Store website with heavy traffic.

Lastly, hope you all stay safe at home amidst this pandemic and find ways to stay healthy and entertained at home.