Yes welcome to the world of social media and its impact. We all make mistakes, but sometimes we forget the repercussions of it or we are too ignorant about it. One such thing happened on Twitter yesterday.

Ajay Devgn accidentally tweeted Kajol’s number to someone.

We are assuming it was suppose to be a DM but it went out as a Tweet. And all hell broke loose on Twitter. Fans and alike went bonkers and started whatsapping Kajol and sharing her number with friends and family 😛

Such is the power and reach of digital media. Firstly, how can one leak out a number like this! And then call this to be a prank? Like seriously?

Doesn’t matter because every action has an equal opposite reaction. The reaction in this case if from the Twitteratis who laughed over the foolishness and kinda bajaoefy him for this stupidity! In fact he himself shared a lot of funny reactions from his fans. This performance reminds us that he exists on Twitter 😛

Check out what people have to say!

As Ajay Devgn rightly said, kabhi kabhi hass bhi liya karo 😛 Well, these reactions did make us ROFL!

Now we can only wait to see how Kajol reacts to this one! If this was not a prank, Ajay Bhai tu toh gaya! 

Stay tuned for more updates on this one…

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