The human mind is constantly occupied with a lot of things. One is constantly thinking about things which they wish to accomplish in the next coming hours or days.

One needs to bond with your partner while making love and make sure both enjoy the act. Sex builds intimacy. One definitely makes sure focus themselves on sex and not let the mind wander here and there in thoughts. Many times our minds keep on wandering about mundane things in life. But do you ever have random thoughts during sex, which you really feel will be embarrassing if shared with your partner?

Well, let us look at some random things which might be running across a women’s mind during the act…

Does he think I like this? Yeah.. if you do it proper

Should I rhythm back & forth with him so that…Ohh fuckk .. I lost the rhythm

Do not say “I Love you” right now, IT IS GONNA KILL MY MOOD

He is completely silent! Why? Is he bored? Oh Hell No!!! I am enjoying it

Hmm.. He is good at it & knows the moves with tricks.. Wonder who taught him ??

Hmm.. He is good at it & knows the moves with tricks.. Wonder on whom did he practice and perfect it?

Nice.. This is making me Mmmm… I am sure this he has picked up from a porn

What should I wear tomorrow?

That’s not the clitoris… Babe!!

Ohh GOD.. why hasn’t he come yet?? I am already bored


Wait… Just cos you are done, I am not! Are you not gonna return the favor?

I really think I might fart…

Pleeasssee don’t finish, I am just (s)excited NOW

Ohh God.. please please please start with the tongue… Ooooo…. niccceeeee

How should I tell him to do that same stuff in the future without him getting offended

Maybe I should make sex noises so that we get done with this fast.

Crap!! He wants to go doggy style… now my belly and boobs are going to hang down like a set of cow udders

Ugghhh .. I hate condoms!!

Yes Yes Yes… Yes! Right there… Mmmmmmmmm…

I hope we can get over with this so that I can go to sleep.

Great I spent a bomb on this sexy lingerie/babydoll and he didn’t even look at it. Rushed to take and throw it off


Wait.. did my phone vibrate?

Should I give him a lap dance like in the movie I saw?

Did my phone vibrate? Aarrghhh I definitely need a Vibrator

Well this is taking a lot of time and I have stuff to do/breakfast to make

You didn’t even pay for dinner and I still fucked you, remember that!

Is this how dogs feel? – During Doggy style sex

Does he think I am a Dog? – During Doggy style sex

I pray my head doesn’t hit the Headboard – During Doggy style sex

Should I thrust back more? – During Doggy style sex

Are his eyes closed or open right now? – During Doggy style sex

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