After slogging so much we have just reached to Thursday πŸ™ I know there is still 1 more day to go till we relax and chill. Sympathising with the people working on Saturdays. You guys might as well continue with your onslaught πŸ˜›

While we all struggle and jumble with our work to pass through this long lasting Thursday, there are some cutiee patooties who are here to bring in the weekend early for you. Bollywood scenes, songs and dialogues are always relatable in normal situations of life. This is exactly why we have added filmy angle to these funny moments. You will smile, you will laugh or you will start dancing πŸ˜€ If nothing else I can assure you, you will definitely enjoy seeing this. Have a look!

“Dil ka aalaam ,may kya batau tujhe?”

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When you are farsighted and you realise this is not what you need πŸ˜›

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“Aati nahi, aati nahi, saamne hai par nazarrrrr.. Aati nahi…”

This is exactly what I need after a long weekend πŸ˜‚

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“Tumhe koi haq nahi ki tum itni khoobsurat lago.. Not fair!”

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“Kya mujhe pyaar hai, Kaisa khoomar hai”

dog love
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“Dil yeh mera, tumse kuch keh raha hai..suno na…”

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“Yeh dhai kilo ka haath jab kisi pe padta hai, toh insaan uthta nahi, uthhhh jata hai”!

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“Tum dil ki dhadkan may, rehte ho, rehte ho…”

Mukadarr ka sikandar πŸ˜€ (Reminds us of Ajay Devgan :D)

“Sun zara, soniye sun zara…”

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“Main apni favourite hu..” <3

This pom is more fashionable than you! 🌸 Follow @9gagcute – – πŸ“·@toby_biny – – #9gag #pomeranian

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“Tip Tip barsaa paani, paani ne aag lagayi” πŸ˜›

Little frenchie enjoying a spa πŸ›. Follow @9gag πŸ“Ή @izzythe.frenchie – – #9gag #frenchie #spa

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When you are hungry AF, but food is BAE <3

Food coma πŸ• #9gagcute – – cr: @homerpugalicious – – #pug #pizza

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“Tera tera tera surooooooor…”

Love you ❀️ – – πŸ“·@chihuahua_chloe1 – – #chihuahua

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When you are never too old for love…

Pati patni aur woh πŸ˜€

Another take on this one, “Fashion ka hai yeh Jalwa”!

When its winters, all you wanna do is just chill!

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“Aaj mausam bada, beimaan hai” πŸ˜›

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“Tere mere hothon pe, meethe meethe geet mitwa!”

I nose you and you nose me 🐱 #9gagcute – – πŸ“·@riepoyonn

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“Yeh mausam ka jadoo hai mitwaaaa…”

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“Shut up and bounce baby bounce!”

“Kitne aadmi the?”

animal funny
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“Muskurane ki wajah tum ho…”

I am swooning over this good girl band. 🎸 – – πŸ“·@hazelnut_dog – – #Bichon

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Seeing them we just can’t help but feel awwwwwieeee..

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