We hate stating the obvious to our readers, but what we love doing is to make them laugh! Twitter trends have quite caught our fancy! We have reported about every Twitter trend that followed from the whole Kevin Spacey incident to MS Dhoni’s gymnastic abilities and now come the latest of them all! #280Words. Let’s give you all a little insight on what the whole fuss is about! So Twitter decided to increase its maximum word count to a whooping 280 words from a mere 140 words! And the Twitteratis lost their shit! Some were overjoyed while others didn’t know what to do with that many words while there were others who couldn’t help but spin something funny out of the whole new ‘Twitter Revolution’. We compiled the best reactions for our Dopewopers!

Because its 280 Characters mate!!!!

Some supported a social cause with the help of it!

Some were glad they could rant a little more on Twitter!

Some were just trying to figure it all out

Some just wanted to share every thought that has ever occurred to them!

Losing their shit over 280 characters!

Grammar Nazis rejoiced!

Man of Few Words we see!

Staaaaph! Showing off!

The ones who didn’t get the new feature.

Well! That’s it! Here is a gif of a cute pupper for reading this article!!!

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