Reliance celebrated its 40th anniversary. All the big celebs from business and Bollywood were present for the celebrations. The reason why the anniversary turned to be a topic of conversation among not-so-big fans of Reliance was the speech given by Anant Ambani. Some may argue that it’s disrespectful to comment or make fun of anyone’s talking style, but when it comes to Twitteratis and Instagrammers, there is only one way to express it all – the meme way! As expected people got all creative and came up with some hilarious reactions.

Here’s the compilation of the funniest lot we found. Have a look just for fun and let’s not judge anyone 😛

When it was Nana who did it 😀

First world problems 😀

#memes #memewars #meme

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Bolo Jai Mahishmati…

Abdul vs Anant😂😂 #memes #funnymemes #trolls #anantambani

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The new logo creation…

When Jio was integral part of it… It had to happen!


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We all have been through this one!

The 1st meme of 2018!

Bichaara..😂😂😂😂 Phas gaya. #Ambani #AnantAmbani

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The epic Split by Dhoni!

For titan fans…

Ki and Ka! *Can’t Watch*

For the GOT fans 😛 Dany’s got new Dragon 😀

😂😂😂🙄 #anantambani #funnymemes #trolls #memes

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Diljit Fans take tips 😛

Mumbai Pune expressway just got a new Tunnel!

New tunnel. 😂 Credits: @beingchikoo #memes #trolls #funnymemes #anantambani

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Close enough???


We feel you Bro!

Throwback 😛 yeh hai naya Tiger 😀 😀 😀

Dentist Phobia…


The Padmavati Fever!

Theek hai, koi nahi hota hai!

We give him a benefit of doubt for being just 21 years old. And there’s always a next time 😉

But we hate to admit there are so many creative and enthu cutlets in India, we couldn’t help but share this!

Let us know what you think in comments below!

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