PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or as I like to call it, Player’s Underwear: Basic Garment, fondly known as PUBG by fans has been out for a while now for both Android and iOS devices.

Players start of with nothing but their chuddies and are dropped onto an island filled with weapons and other loot along with 99 other players for a Hunger Games style fight to the death. The game currently reigns supreme in the Android Playstore, claiming the top spot with over ten million downloads. Given the game’s popularity, countless strategy guides can be found online to help you survive the battle royal and get the coveted chicken dinner. So we won’t be giving you another one of those today.

Instead, we would like to offer some suggestions of hilarious stuff you can do in-game to troll other players, challenge yourself by making an oh-so-meta “game within the game”, or just make your friends laugh.

No Weapon Survival

This would be one of the “game within a game” scenarios. Most PUBG games see people frantically looting the buildings and searching for weapons as soon as they land on the island. Instead, land on the island in your chuddies and pick up nothing and see how long you can survive. This is most fun when done with a couple of friends and effectively turns the game into an extremely intense game of hide and seek, except everyone else has guns and they want to kill you.

Of course you can’t win a game of PUBG without you or your team killing at least one other player and getting that done with your fists is unlikely, so you’d probably need to pick up a weapon at the endgame. Although, even that is hypothetical since you probably won’t survive that long.

Psych Out Your Squad

There are many ways you can freak out your squadmates to have a good laugh in PUBG. Here’s my personal favourite. You and your squad might find yourselves in a confined space. This is a perfect time to mess with them. Toss a smoke grenade and before the smoke starts billowing, watch them all jump out of their virtual skin as they think you tossed a live grenade while indoors and just killed them all.

The Frying Pan

In the Battlegrounds of the Unknown Player, the humble frying pan may appear to be an ordinary cooking utensil, but in the right hands, it can become a cast-iron instrument of death.

In game the pan is capable of killing an unarmored opponent in two hits on the body or one hit to the head. Also, due to a coding error where the developers accidentally gave the item the same attributes as a solid wall, the pan will also block bullets fired at players while equipped and while unequipped. It blocks shots from all ranged weapons, including shotguns and the AWM, which is the most powerful sniper rifle. For these reasons it is regarded as the best melee weapon in the game.

Just imagine a guy running at you in his chuddies, swatting your bullets away with a frying pan before bonking you on the head. That man has become one with the pan. It is he who is the true master of the game known as PUBG.

The Other Way to Use Vehicles

Players often run for vehicles in the game to traverse the map as the play area gets smaller. You can exploit this to score some hilarious kills. Get in a parked jeep and sit in the back seat. Make sure the jeep has a roof so people are less likely to see you. Then wait. When people come close to try to get into to the vehicle, you pop right out and shoot them in the face.

Bonus tip: Make sure you move the vehicle every so often because this wont work if other would-be victims see the supply crates left by all the dead dumbasses strewn around the vehicle.

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