Sex has always been a “not to talk about” thing in India. People do not feel comfortable talking about it. Frankly, Sex isn’t that simple, it’s an art which you will learn when you do it (correctly) provided you have the right sex education. It is certainly much more than just penis and vagina and the Bang Bang! However, for many people, sex is nothing less than rocket science. That’s how hard people make it sometimes.

Though the internet is full of information on sex many make us want that sex ed was relevant in the Indian Education System. People have such bizarre questions and doubts about sex which are enough to give you a heart attack. Like a real heart attack!

Here are a few ridiculous sex-related questions Indians ask when they start talking about SEX:

#1. Is he confused between a Vagina and a Refrigerator?


#2. This will give a heart attack to Einstein and Newton.



#3. He needs to switch on to General mode, his testicles are on Vibration!


#4. He is a freaking magician, controls sex with the brain!


#5. His brain is in the same place as his Dick!


#6. Fu*king Bhel Puri Wala!


#7. Does he has a Ph.D. in Zoology?


#8. Is that the ghost of her ex-boyfriend in her stomach?


#9. Thank god he did not read that he has to microwave his penis!


#10. Is he seriously asking this question?


#11. Someone Please save this man from his crazy wife!


#12. He is definitely preparing for Olympics?


#13. First no more plastic, second thing is  he a scientist!


#14. What does the 8 years old son has to do with this question? And is she competing with a Porn star?


#15. Is she using the balloon gas by any chance?


Well, there isn’t an end to such types of questions which can damage your brain it only shows to what level people need sex education or maybe a proper counselling session. Also, catch up a few similar questions and kick-ass answers to the questions given by Dr. Mahinder Watsa.

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