It’s 2019 and companies are taking the concept of “home delivery” to a whole new level. One of India’s leading oil marketing company Indian Oil has launched a diesel delivering truck that is capable of bringing fuel to your doorstep.

The fuel delivery truck has been retro-fitted with a mobile fuel dispenser and 6,000-litre fuel tank and will be operating on the roads of Chennai, after it has been servicing consumers in some parts of Maharashtra.

For orders exceeding 2,500 litres, the customer would require a Petroleum And Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) license for storage.
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 After placing the order for the fuel, the truck will reach the concerned Indian Oil dealer with all the necessary details of the customer like name, phone number, quantity of fuel needed, address and time of delivery.

After the order is confirmed, the mobile dispenser leaves for the destination and the dispensing would commence through automation in the designated location. For safety, the truck has been equipped with fire extinguishers and safety cones, among various other additions for demarcating the delivery area.

Once the fuel is transferred, the customer will receive an SMS and an e-bill as the receipt. Currently, there are no updates as to when this service will be launched in other states.

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