Competitor brands mocking others over their new product launches or paper / TV ads is not new. Many well known Brands have done it in the past and some have nailed it perfectly.

Lets have a look at some witty and funny ads which the mobile manufacturers have attempted to take a jab at their competitors

Sammy mocking iPhone users over their latest Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has neatly touched the pain points of an iPhone user right from their first launch and compared it bluntly how well and smartly have their handsets (specially the Note series ) have outsmarted in terms of features and day to day usage.

Microsoft did some pretty neat tricks to take jab at Samsung & Apple

These were the good old days when Microsoft had acquired Nokia Lumia and made Windows Phone equipped handsets. Till date no one can beat Lumia photography and the capabilities features-wise the Lumia’s had to offer when compared to their competition. If you have not seen this ad then consider watching it immediately. It is a pure genius ad  😀 It perfectly depicts how in real life android / samsung fanboys fight with Apple fanboys titled ‘iSheeps’. Honestly head over to any popular tech sites and head over to any article highlighting some android feature over iOS or vice versa and I bet you will find heavy threaded arguments between android and iOS loyalists.

Sammy declaring feature war over iPhones with their S4

I must say when it comes to flaunting features ( even though gimmicky) nobody does it better than Samsung  😈 Check out this ad.. it has loads of features asking showing iPhone users where has Android reached  😆 NFC tap to share, Wave to answer calls, hover over messages to read the content without touching your phones …

Samsung doesn’t stop taking jab at Apple

This video features a series of ads Samsung mocking iPhone users with their handsets (at their launch times ) like the GalazyS4, Note series etc.

Don’t be a Wall Hugger.. Bang on from Samsung

Trust me this ad holds truth till date.. The battery capacity has increased a lot over years and with the latest Fast Charging tech you get your smartphone juiced up in quick time..

Lumia & its Camera ads have shown what photography should be

41 megapixel camera and such superb quality zoom.. Nokia Lumia camera’s deserve the Crown for it

This Page ad comparison by Samsung shows one big list



Every year with these new phone launches from leading handset manufacturers we get witness a lot of trolling ads. If you come across some funny commercials do let me know in the comments section below

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